Stop “hunching over and shuffling your feet.” Now you can ease your fear of falling while walking more naturally!

If you’ve ever used a walker or rollator, you’re aware of how unnatural a position it is to lean forward, rest your body weight on your hands and wrists, and walk in a hunched over position. It’s hard on your arms, shoulders and back, and it’s impossible to get very far without becoming exhausted. Unfortunately, this slumped over position naturally causes you to look down and can be dangerous, leaving you off balance, unsteady and fearful of falling. In fact, the unstable, unnatural posture can actually cause “secondary Injuries”—injuries resulting from the daily use of devices that promote improper ergonomics.

The Perfect Walker has solved the uncomfortable bent-over posture that plagues traditional rollators. It allows you to walk securely and comfortably in a natural upright position. It even features fully adjustable horizontal forearm support cuffs that keep your arms resting at a natural level, to bring comfort not usually associated with rollator use. It is height adjustable for users up to 6’0″. No more leaning forward, stretching, slouching and crouching. Reduce your worry about tilting and toppling over. When walking, you’re looking forward, not looking down.

There’s more: The Perfect Walker has an advanced braking system and secure locking. It’s been designed with a wider rear-wheel base. Know how you sometimes step against a walker leg or trip up on rollator footrests? The “walking space” of this rollator is wider than is traditional, to reduce the chance of a trip-up and to provide a greater range of motion for a natural, comfortable walk.

It folds up for transit or storage using a revolutionary dual-folding design resulting in a very compact, easy-to-handle unit, weighing only 18 lbs., making this extremely easy and convenient to take and use just about anywhere. You should find that you actually look forward to going more places more often.

Included is a very convenient mesh utility bag so you can take with you all your important items like your phone, purse or wallet wherever you go. Also comes with a convenient cane holder. Supports up to 300 lbs.