Your stairlift is designed to get you and your belongings up or down the stairs. The wireless remotes allow you to move the carriage to where you are even if the stairlift was left at the opposite end by another user. There are two remotes.


Your stairlift has many sensors or switches which detect when something is in the way and stops the stairlift from moving in that direction until the object is removed. This includes switches that detect an obstruction on the rail, or an obstruction blocking the footrest. The stairlift will also not move if the seat swivel lever is not fully locked in place to prevent uncontrolled swinging of the seat. Some stairlifts may also not move with the armrests up.


Your stairlift is pretty simple to use, just hold the up button if you want to go UP and hold the down button if you want to go DOWN. The stairlift will stop when it gets to the end of its travel, let go of the button. If you are at the top of the stairs, and have a manual seat swivel, pull on the seat swivel lever and twist your hips using your legs. If you required and/or have a power swivel seat simply press the up button again and the seat will swivel for you.